Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dude, This is Pretty Messed Up Right Here (My New Contract)

I LOVE the new innovations:

  • teachers as validators
  • teachers paid more to be Ambassadors, Model and Master Teachers
  • More PD time During the Week
  • The poison pill given to charter schools (Stuff it Eva!)L: 200 new schools to operate on a thinner contract. 

I HATE HATE HATE that they're asking us to approve:
  • Firing ATRs with as little as two days in the classroom
  • Giving us meager wage increases (4-4-0-0-1-1-1-1.5-2.5-3). Honestly, folks. This doesn't even keep up with the 2.2.% inflation since '09 -much less the inflation that we're all in for
  • Making us wait until 2015 for the first (of 5) disbursements of our retroactive pay).
  • Allowing only $5,000 for good teachers to go into tough schools (not NEARLY enough to convince teachers to address the MASSIVE issues of inequality in our city schools)
  • Giving in to merit pay (side note: I'll probably qualify for this and when I do, I'll spend it on a full page ad denouncing it) 
  • Test scores will still count on teachers' evaluations. 
I'm voting no on behalf of my ATR brothers and sisters. I'm voting no because of the meager wage increases. I'm voting no because I don't want to wait to 2015 for my first round of back pay. 

I'm voting no because this is a bad deal for classroom teachers. 

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