Monday, May 5, 2014

Faking It Until They Make It

The news this morning is a buzz with how beautiful or new contract is. They speak about its more attractive features (giving more time for planning and finding a more honorable way of rewarding good teachers (I realize that is a controversial point)).  It seems almost as though they're already running a victory lap. 

This contract has many wonderful components (some of which I've written about already). It will also make the union itself a stronger, more wealthy organization. But the ability to be fired with minimal job protections is a reality that we will all have to face if this contract is ratified. And that the meager wage increases are being billed as good is an insult plain and simple. They can do better.

No one I've spoken with believes they will be around long enough to collect that retroactive pay that has been promised by the leadership.

Perhaps this is why the UFT had to delete several dozen comments from their Facebook page decrying the unfairness of this arrangement? Perhaps everyone's goal is to make it look like a win so that it becomes a win?  We shall see.

I'll be signing autographs at the Executive Board meeting tonight at UFT HQ ;) Oh and I'll me getting a peak at the details if this proposal. 

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