Wednesday, April 30, 2014

These Brave Teachers from Brooklyn

Word from Ednotes' Blog that 26 unbelievably brave high school teachers from Brooklyn plan on refusing to administer a standardized exam tomorrow deserves all of our attention -now

I care more about this than the contract (being announced tomorrow).

If you do one thing tonight, read this announcement.

If you do one thing tomorrow, find a just way to support these brave teachers from Brooklyn

Stand Up, Opt Out: Support Teacher Test Refuseniks

MOREistas (and supporters):
Almost 30 teachers are refusing to give the NYC ELA Performance Assessment to our high school ELL students. This is very big news and we're excited!!!!! We need as much support as we can get! Please pass this around in your schools and on your networks and send us a solidarity picture or message from your school chapter on our website,

In Solidarity!
Emily and Rosie
Support the First High School Teachers to Join
Growing Opt Out Movement in New York City!!!!

On Thursday, May 1, 2014, we, the teachers and school staff, at the International High School at Prospect Heights 

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