Friday, January 24, 2014

Why I like This Better: A Brief Off Topic Rambling

My last blog got pretty popular. In addition to each post generating more page hits than the one before, I was getting some pretty smart, and even some well-known, people to read and interact with it and the topics I wrote about. Thanks to a wonderfully supportive blogging community (and a dilapidated 4th estate that is providing more and more readers of blogs each and every day!) an average post would hit a fairly high number just six hours after I hit 'publish'. That was pretty cool.

But it was also a total buzz kill! Do you know how stressful it is to write a post thinking about what person X or person Y is going to think? Before long, I was too busy thinking about the people who were going to read my ideas than I was explaining my ideas. Talk about performance issues!!

My last post on this blog earned a grand total of 30 page hits after the breakfast rush (six hours after an early morning posting). While some may consider that a failure, I consider it a complete success. I take comfort in knowing that the only folks who will be reading this are intelligent, educated men and women who have a particular commitment to being well-informed.

Person X and Person Y can go kiss off. I like this better.

Thanks for reading my brief rant.

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