Sunday, December 29, 2013

About Fariña: Just One Quick Note

Ednotes says that the NYTimes says that Carnen Fariña will be the next chancellor.

Fun fact: As a retired educator, Ms. Fariña is capped: She's not permitted to make more than a certain amount of money from a public institution per year. It's no big deal, actually. It just means that her appointment will require a waiver from NYSED.

What's worth mentioning is that our new chancellor will be the fifth in a row to require some type of waiver from the state in order to be appointed to the position (following Walcott, Black, Klein and Levy).

But there is one major difference between her and the others. (I've never worked in a system with a real educator in charge. Hmm... I wonder what that's like.)

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