Friday, October 4, 2013

One Great Big Pair of ....

So, de Blasio have a speech to the one percent today. He's way ahead in the polls and may in fact sail to victory. So did he placate New York's wealthy business class  to help ensure his victory?


Instead, he told them that he would fight for mandatory paid sick days, end the free ride for the real estate sector and fight for the working class.


And what about labor unions?

"In remarks that lasted 30 minutes, Mr. de Blasio, who is the city’s public advocate, paid tribute to labor unions as a guarantor of economic security, and he said he would find a way to restore their place in the political sphere"

Now there is a big difference between labor unions and public sector unions. Labor unions, for instance, gave money to organizations who work for anti teacher union groups during the last recession (and I know of one sheet metal workers union who actively told its members that teachers in NYC deserved to be fired back in 2010 (to the dismay of a nephew of mine who is a member). So, teachers,  you shouldn't go thinking that we're going to be getting that raise just yet.

But the fact that this guy came in and told 800 of the biggest businessmen in New York that unions, who take money from their bottom line, would have a seat at his table leads me to one ultimate conclusion: This guy's got one great big pair of bologna sandwiches!

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