Sunday, October 13, 2013

About John King: A Quick Look At This Blogroll

I know I have to publish the second part of the GS evaluation piece, but I wanted to take a moment to pose a quick question:

Do you think NYSED Commissioner John King is in a bit of trouble? Almost every blog on this blogger's roll suggests that he very well may well be. 

The reformers' big mistake -their overreach really- was taking the problems of urban education issues and dropping them straight in the laps of suburban school districts. Suburban parents (and districts) are not happy to have been dragged into the 'ed wars', where curriculum, tests and teacher evaluations are thought to be main tools in combating poverty. There isn't as much poverty in the suburbs and education stakeholders feel that its going fairly well there. 'So if it ain't broke here' a suburban parent asked me last summer 'then why fix it?'.

Poor Commissioner King took all that frustration right on the chin last week . I don't blame him for canceling the rest of the meetings. I'd cancel too.


  1. Headphones on, battery at 50%, not too close to a WiFi spot at 8:35 on your Android. So much info.. :) Oh and a lot of good articles on John King. Nice screenshot.

    1. (just saw this) Haha! It was my Google Nexus and I was listening to one of your recordings of meetings with DOE officials (as I often do to relax just before bedtime ;) )