Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Historical Controversy of Teacher Tenure (Guess the Year)

Guess which year each of the following quotes about teacher tenure was made (Hint: It none of them come from the 21st century)

1. "Tenure, an abhorrent, outmoded practice, lets people whose performance would not allow them to keep their jobs in the private sector continue with the responsibility of teaching our children".

2. [In NYC, the] "school system is "burdened and clogged with many teachers who are unfit and unsatisfactory," and whom it is practically impossible to remove because of their "permanent tenure." 

3."Tenure ... for teachers was instituted by law to protect teachers for political changes and for the reason, it is good" 

4. "Teachers enjoy greater security of employment than most private employees and many public employees. Once they have acquired tenure, they are protected by law against dismissal  except for proven misconduct" 

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