Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Credit Where Credit Is Due

They are neo-liberal leaning (they are, at times, more concerned with the new public/private sector relationship that comprises much of the current educational reform movement than with presenting a full, find picture). They do have a problem with covering much of the actual educating part of the education discussion in New York. They aren't much concerned with this discussion from the perspective of teachers (or really much of anything from the perspective of teachers for that matter). And they haven't (as of yet) read or wrote anything about Rafe Esquith's new book (which is a pretty quick and easy read, btw).

But did share Esquith's appearance on Leonard Lopate today in their nightly roundup. That's worth mentioning. 

Of course, it was their newest reporter doing so during what appears to be a few vacation weeks, but hey; you take what you can take (erm get) in this world, right?

Maybe someday, they'll observe a class or two (or celebrate (then report on) who the most celebrated teachers are in New York City ("Gotham's Finest Teachers" on their rooftop or something like that. Hmm..)

Baby steps to over coming that ol' bias towards what is really fair.


  1. I *am* the newest reporter at GothamSchools and I would love to sit down with you and listen to what stories you think we should be covering. Specifically, I'd love to hear what classrooms you think we should be visiting- I want to write more about teaching and learning. You can reach me at

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